once again, it’s that part of the year when we have to go through something called “end-term exams”. for the first time in four years, I have finished all my submissions well before the exams and the only thing left to do is to mug. everyone else seems to have started in right earnest. they seem to have polished off both the ‘investments’ binders, including the hundred papers written by our own prof, and have started mugging the law.

I hate exams, though on any given day i would prefer them to projects. you can fraud your way through an exams but not through a project. and in a project you end up with freeriders, slavedrivers, etc. (for more, see my other articles). in an exam, you’re the master of your own destiny (??!!?!!?).

exams make me feel lonely. make me feel that there’s something somewhere that i’ve missed out. even when i know that i know everything in the syllabus (the probablility of this has been quickly falling to zero over the years), there is this niggling fear that creeps up because the guy next door mugs all day and night. you feel like taking a break but have nothing to do (except maybe blog) since everyone else is buried in the books. there’s this guilty feeling when you do things you like but not connected to exams.

i also have this habit of getting a fever during exams. started during my tenth boards. continued to haunt me through my twelfth boards and then right through my stint at IIT. actually in a way it’s good to get the fever. you worry about it so much that you tend to take your mind off the subject in question and the pressure on you to perform is that much lesser. you know that you have the excuse “mom, i had a fever that day” just in case you tend to screw up (which is happening very frequently nowadays).

then, there’s this phenomenon of the last paper. i have NEVER turned in an average performance in the last exam of the term. it’s either totally out of the world (‘S’ level) or totally woresht (‘C’ levels). has been happening for the past few years. once again, ever since my 10th boards. would be interesting to sit and figure out why…

anyways, i’m preparing myself for a hectic week. apart from preparations to go abroad, i have to mug for my exams also. at least the time table is good: i have exactly one exam a day, starting thursday…. here’s wishing myself all the best for the exams…

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