Someone sent me this picture


This is not a blog where I normally use unparliamentary language but there is no better way to describe the above picture (received as a WhatsApp forward) as anything other than saying “this is WTF on so many levels”!

First you be Indian buy Indian and use Natalie Portman in your advertisements?

Then, as a consumer I don’t care where my crackers are made. What I care for is about their quality and price.

And what’s with the ” I, pledge “? If you want to outrage at least get your grammar right! This is I, robot or I, pencil level.

And where did Christmas suddenly come from? Isn’t it two months away? What’s the use of pledging about it now?

I can go on but will stop here. And I must thank my takshashila colleagues for forwarding me this masterpiece.

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