Spending on Indian Players in IPL Auctions

In the first IPL Auction in 2008, teams spent an average (median) of 47% of their overall spend on Indian players, the rest going to foreign players. By the time of the auction in 2011, however, they had wisened up to the fact that only four foreigners can play in the eleven, and the average (median) spend on Indian players went up to 65%.

How did different teams fare on this count? The following graph describes this (I’m generally not a big fan of “dodged” bar graphs but couldn’t think of a better way of representing this data. If you have any ideas, do let me know).



As you can see in this graph, most teams significantly increased their spending on Indian players. The only teams that failed to do so were Deccan Chargers (who performed really badly and then dropped out of the IPL), Kings XI Punjab (performed badly all three seasons) and Rajasthan Royals (who built their team around “uncapped” Indian players who were not part of the auction).

It will be interesting to see what this ratio is like in the following auction.










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