Modi and Advani

Here’s how I think the BJP should’ve reacted to the fact that LK Advani wasn’t too happy about Narendra Modi being announced as their candidate for Prime Minister in next year’s elections.

Yes, Mr. Advani is still not on board yet. However, we are a democratic party and there was strong demand from an overwhelming majority of our party workers that Mr. Modi’s name be announced as the Prime Ministerial candidate. As in any democratic process, there will be the minority who will not be happy, but we are sure that they (including Mr. Advani) will respect the democratic process and extend their support to Mr. Modi.


2 thoughts on “Modi and Advani”

  1. Why not have a primary style election and say unlike Congress we have a transparent democratic process – but I guess they don’t want to set a precedent which they will have to follow in the future when their masters (Sangh) wants to impose a unpopular unknown guy like Gadkari.

    1. Agree that primaries would’ve been most helpful. Would’ve been a strong message the BJP could have sent out to voters.

      But as you said, that prevents future anointment of appointments from the top.

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