Flight rescheduling

I’m booked on the 830 flight from mumbai to bangalore this evening and have checked in online also. However, I happened to finish my work at mu client’s office early so I thought I should reschedule to an earlier flight if one were available.

I’m writing this post on my phone sitting at shree balaji veg refreshments just outside the airport. This is after I decided not to reschedule my ticket. It was way too expensive I reasoned.

Its funny how airlinea work and having worked for sabre I should know that. Anyway I found their formula for fare recalculation rather weird. Given that I had booked my earlier ticket at a low fare the airline deemed that I had to pay an extra seven kilorupees, and that too to change my booking from a higher demand flight to a lower demand flight. I find this outrageous and believe that the airline should have paid me to make this switch, or at let done it for free.

The problem lies in incorrect recognition of marginal costs. Ok my onion uthappam has arrived so I’ll c9ntinue this post later. But I thibk I’ve made my point

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  1. Opportunity cost?…By rescheduling, you are giving the airline an empty seat on a higher demand flight which could not be filled since noone’s going to book a ticket at the last minute. Of course, my theory goes to shreds if the airline does the same thing, say a day in advance (which they do anyways).

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