Why most married men make boring bloggers

Sri. (Something I write on top on the first page everytime I start writing in a new book. Its probably because of how the letter curves in Kannada)

I’ve heard enough complaints about the deteriorating quality of this blog over the last one year and I simply couldn’t help not thinking about it.

First of all, what made this blog so interesting was the occasional sprinkling of posts on women, relationship & love amidst the interesting fundaes on eco, politics, finance, etc which is not the case anymore.

The way a guy writes about a girl when he is single is so different from when he is married to her.  The style of writing changes from starry eyed, inquisitive to mundane & cynical. The girl seems like a closed box of treasure to an open one now. Nobody cares about the box once you’ve seen what’s in it no matter how interesting it is. You get the hang of it, right?

When a guy says very sweet things about his wife, male readers know the truth in it and the female readers like to simply believe it and see how differently it works in their lives and don’t want to read anymore of it. Hence, you lose most of your readers.

P.S – The title is taking generalization a bit too far.

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