Nubra Valley

I was in Nubra Valley, North Ladakh, the night the cloudburst and subsequent floods hit Ladakh. With the place having no mobile network, we were completely cut off from the rest of the world and had no clue of the disaster until we were more than halfway back, when the driver of a car coming in the opposite direction informed our driver.

Reports in newspapers have asked questions about the situation in Nubra. Apparently all means of communication to there have been cut off (looking back, it’s quite a wonder that we managed to get back to Leh; reading these reports really depress me about what might have been) and so the situation there is unknown.

I can say this much. There was little rain in Nubra the night the cloudburst hit Leh. We were sleeping in tents at this camp called “organic retreat” (more about that in another post) and there was only a light drizzle sometime in the night. The next morning, too, things seemed quite normal there. The Lama from the Sumur monastery, who is deemed to be the next Rimpoche of the Spituk Monastery in Leh, did make it to Leh (he was supposed to make the journey to Leh the day after disaster struck). We did see some ceremonies in his honour very close to Leh.

In the next few days, I hope to write many more essays about my trip to Leh. And I’ve  just started processing the pictures I took there. Some of them have been uploaded on facebook.

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