Hugging protocol at the adjoining table

The Scene:

Couple 1 is seated at the table next to ours along with a small kid. Couple 2 arrive presently


Man 1 and Woman 2 hug each other.
Man 2 and Woman 1 hug each other.
Man 1 and Man 2 shake hands. Man 1 then pulls Man 2 a bit to his side and gives him a half hug.
Woman 1 and Woman 2 give each other a very formal hug and settle down at the table.
Child continues to look clueless.


Woman 2 to Woman 1: Hugging isn’t reserved for the men, right?


Trying to calculate the Mata Amrita Index of each person at the adjoining table, child excluded.

2 thoughts on “Hugging protocol at the adjoining table”

  1. Married women seldom hug each other if they have been introduced to each other by either of the husbands.

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