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The concept of NED has existed as long as mankind. Maybe even longer. If you have read Christian Theology you would have read that God took six days to create the world, and then took rest on the seventh day (Sunday). The truth is that God wanted to create even more and wonderful creatures, and give them even more wonderful features. He just happened to put NED. Since at the time that the Bible was written no one had quantified the concept of NED, the writers decided to take the easy way out by saying that God took rest on Sunday.

NED, for the uninitiated, stands for No Enthu Da. I don’t know how to explain it. In fact, no accurate explanation exists for this in English, for if it did, I wouldn’t have bothered inventing this phrase. By sacrificing some bit of accuracy I can say that NED is a state of mind where you don’t feel like doing anything. You just want to do nothing, and you don’t even have the enthusiasm to do nothing. Yes, if that confused you, you need to remember that there is no perfect explanation for NED in English.

The modern usage of the term is supposed to have originated in April 2007, or so I would like to believe. However, Aadisht (his website is putting NED currently) says that the term stretches back to January 2006. I think the incident he is referring to is the one where he was supposed to take the Lalbagh Express to Madras and join Kodhi and me for the Odyssey quiz. When he failed to turn up, he concocted an explanation that he couldnt’ find autos to get to the station. I think he just suffered from a bout of NED.

If Aadisht denies the above incident, it will be a strong indicator that NED entered the IIMB lexicon in March/April 2007 – a full year after we had graduated. I’m especially proud of having contributed to the lingo after I graduated (I had also contributed to the lingo while I was on campus – with Are). Of course, I didn’t develop any new concept. I just gave it a name.

In December of 2007, Neha Jain sent me this mail:

You did me a great disfavour by introducing me to NED
I have been suffering from an acute case of that since Saturday
I don’t know what it is
But I cant get myself out of it
No matter what I do
Or think about

I didn’t introduce her to the concept. I had only introduced her to the term. But as she says, you can never permanently get out of NED. If you think you have overcome NED, you are only fooling yourself. All you are doing is to temporarily get out of it.

So, sooner you learn to accept this fact and start worshiping NED, the better. I can’t really tell you right now how you should worship NED, but if you do, you should request Him to spare you from His clutches for as long as you want. Of course, you should remember that this is only a temporary release.

Welcome to the new blog.

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  1. Hi Karthik,

    Congrats on this new endeavour!

    I am following your blog for the past 10 motnhs, and itz really a very good pass time for me whenever i get bored of reading sme serious stuff. Your uniqueness lies in your uncommon common sense.



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