Carrot Halwa

Last night my mother was making carrot halwa. She called me and asked me to taste it and check if the sugar is right. After I’d done that and given my approval she said “now all that is left is to put in some cardamom and raisins and cashews”.

“Don’t put the cardamom”, I said. “its smell will dominate and spoil the taste”.

(my mother has the habit of putting? bucketloads of cardamom and saffron into any remotely sweet item she makes. the worst case is with the nimbu pani which has very little of the nimbu taste)

“No but if I don’t put cardomom then the halwa will get an extremely carroty smell. Do you want that?”

“But isn’t that the whole point of carrot halwa?”

Finally the compromise is that some halwa will be set aside for me and cardamom will be added to the rest of it.

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