Where do you find the balls?

With the white ball frequently going out of shape or getting discoloured, the ICC has come up with a new rule – the ball needs to be mandatorily changed after 34 overs, with the new ball being approximately 34 overs old and in good shape and white. Assuming that you don’t rotate the balls (that’ll totally defeat the purpose), the question arises as to where people will find the new balls.

How do you get balls that are 34 overs old and yet in good shape and white? is there a special category of balls being manufactured for this? And the condition of the old ball after 34 overs is highly dependent on the pitch, the batsmen, the bowlers, the outfield etc. In this case, is a randomly picked ball of any use? Will it be fair to both teams?

Instead, we should go back to what used to happen at the World Series Cup. Use two white balls, one from each end. Each ball will be used for only 25 overs, ensuring that it stays in shape and white. Of course, we could have situations where teams prepare one ball for reverse swing while letting the other wear naturally. And the batsman will have to keep in mind whether it’s an odd or even over! It’s ok, it’ll only add to the fun.

There isn’t any randomness and it’s the same for both teams. And the ICC is rich enough to afford for one extra new white ball for every match.

No clue why they didn’t pick this option.

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