break time…

I was supposed to have gone to Bhutan and Sikkim starting last friday. As I write this right now, I should’ve been waking up staring at the Kanchenjunga. And then those commie Bangladeshis decided to riot in Calcutta, just one day before I was supposed to start. Not wanting to take chances with these mad bongs, we canceled that trip. And I spent the weekend at home. Of course, the two week break from work still stands.

i’m off on a road trip starting today, along with sathya, kodhi and

. Leaving by the 11 am bus and our first stop will be a tea estate near chickmaglur. We plan to spend two days there after which manu will be sent home and sathya and kodhi and i plan to go to goa. We are yet to figure out how we’ll get from chickmaglur to goa. We only know that we’ll be using public transport.

It’s all so uncertain. Apart from the bus to chickmaglur and the stay at the estate, nothing else is booked. Nothing else is planned. There is no schedule. There isn’t anyone waiting for us anywhere. Sounds like it’s going to be fun.

It also means that I’m likely to be off blogging for about a week or so (we don’t even know when we’ll return). Unless I find something so compelling that I use my GPRS to blog. And I’ll be taking my camera along, so you might expect my photoblog to get updated once i’m back.

And yeah, I know I’d once blogged about this.

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