problem with NED

is that it’s too intrusive. It’s ok if you suddenly lose enthu for something as long as it doesn’t affet everything else t oo much. For example, if you suddenly lose enthu to do wokr, and you have other things to do, it’s still ok, as you spent the time on doing something else that is useful.

however, the problem with NED nowadays is that it’s getting way too intrusive. in the sense that on a large number of occasions, NED stemming from one thing soon morphs into general NED and you end up doing NOTHING. and just wasting your time.

on tuesday at work I faced a strong bout of NED. since i was working from home i could’ve bided my time doing other things such as reading the paper, or reading blogs, or blogging, or running some errands. but no, I ended up doing NOTHING. I have absolutely no idea now as to how i spent the first half of tuesday. apart from having lunch (extremely useful thing), i did NOTHING.

maybe I think it comes back to the tree framework. if the lack of enthu is for one of the branches, you end up doing something else. but if hte root or the trunk get affected, then total jai happens

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