anand is the champion

He has just drawn his game with Peter Leko which means he is now crowned world champion.

It was a quick game where Leko played the Marshall attack and Anand, as usual, responded with a non-standard variation, thus creating a sharp and complicated situation with chances for either side. A few clever moves (from both sides) later, anand exchanged off a couple of pieces which suddenly turned the game into a dead draw, and a draw was agreed to without much ado.

In other ongoing games, svidler-grischuk is at an extremely interesting position with grischuk looking aggressive. However, he seems to have gone to sleep and has taken over half an hour for his last move (he is yet to move as I write this). If Grischuk can take care of his time troubles, he stands a good chance of winning this one. However, the position is still sharp and the game can go any way.

Gelfand, once again playing the Petroff with black, quickly won a pawn, thus creating a small flutter among the set of Anand fans (at that point of time, Anand’s game was on a knife’s edge). However, Morozevich quickly won back the pawn and the two are now engaged in a good sharp battle. I’m feeling extremely sleepy now, else I’d’ve stayed up to see this one.

The Kramnik-Aronian game has been boring so far, in fact the only boring game of this round with them locked in a positional battle. I was definitely not going to stay up for that one!?? just taken an interesting turn. Kramnik has given up a rook for two minor pieces, and a much better position. It should be interesting now, but unlilkely i’ll stay up. (update at 1:37 am)

Anyways, Anand’s quick draw means that I can sleep now, and in peace. And yeah, just to remind you, he is the world champion.

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