Oops i’ve done it again

Once again, in a moment of madness, i’ve shaved off my sideburns. Thankfully i haven’t gone all the way, I have stuff that reaches till the bottom of my ears. Still it’s bad enough. I’m kinda losing half of what I think used to define me – they were so long and growing that in a month they’d’ve met. But one look in the mirror yesterday told me that I’m bored of this same look.

Initial plan was to just shift the location of the facial hair. i was planning to leave a stubble on the chin. But then I got faced with the problem of the monkey and two cats – I take off a little from the right and the left looked too long. Now, there seems to be too much on the left, and I have to take corrective action for that. After a while I got disgusted and decided i’m incapable of precise measurement of things on my face, and shaved it off. The only thing that might have been left was my moustache, but again it didn’t look prominent enough , so off that went too.

Is there some device available which allows me to precisely measure things on my face, so that the cat and monkey problem doesn’t occur? So many times i’ve had to shorten my sideburns much more than I wanted to because of this, it’s disgusting. And I don’t want to trust hajaams with my face, and prefer to shave myself.

More madness will result shortly. I’m thinking of giving up on my efforts to grow my hair (it’s an ugly in-between length now) and have a haircut. And this would be the fourth or fifth time, maybe, that I’ll be giving up at this point. First few times, it had resulted in dandruff and forced me to run to the barber. This time I’ve taken enough care to ensure that doesn’t happen. But it looks like it’ll be in this woresht in-between length for a while so i’m losing patience.

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