I’ve been tagged

Bhaand has tagged me. So here are eight random facts about myself.

  • I wear my watch on my right hand. And it’s a fairly heavy watch. So once when for some reason I had to wear it on my left wrist, I started feeling left-handed
  • Most of my “stories” are based on principles called “sampling” and “interpolation” (from the world of digital signal processing) . I pick out a real life incident/chain of incidents, select a few facts from that and then build a story around that.
  • I like to use analogies. For example, I used this analogy to explain something to my boss this morning.
    • suppose God decides that nothing can be taller than 8000 meters. so he takes a saw and cuts off the tops of all the peaks which are higher than 8000 meters. The himalayas will still generallly look the same

      however, if the height cap is something like say 3000 meters, then the “profile” fo the himalayas will change in a big way

      since in our case the capacity is nearer to the higher end of hte demand than to the lower end, requests and bookings profile look pretty much the same

  • I have over 750 friends on orkut, and I know each and every one of them personally
  • Back in my IIT days I used to be known as “database”. I used to be the distributor of all the latest gossip, and also knew some not-so-well-known details about a lot of not-so-well-known people
  • I frequently suffer from bouts of “NED” (no enthu da), also known as bouts of enthulessness.
  • I’m currently suffering from a bout of NED, so i’ll stop here. And i don’t even have the enthu to tag 8 others.

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