Swimming against the tide

So I checked and rechecked and rechecked and checked, and convinced myself that there is no mistake in my model. And in a series of? (i think) carefully drafted emails, communicated that to my bosses – that the mistake was not in my part.

The initial reaction was that of disbelief, and they suggested some minor changes and asked me to implement them. That done, and checked, and there is still no mistake in my model. And have communicated the same to the powers-that-are.

By telling the bosses that the mistake is not in my part, I have essentially challenged some assumptions in the industry. For over five years, my bosses have believed that the major error in the model lies here. I’ve told them that the bigger error lies there. There is an error here also, but correcting that is of no use unless we improve stuff there. And they are not willing to believe that. They think there is perfect. And have even stopped thinking about that. I think otherwise.

Guess I’m in for a tough time at work in the next few days…?? ??

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