Nike and the techie

So with the indian cricket team out of the world cup, many advertisers are at a loss regarding the “made for world cup” ads. Hockey is not saleable (basically Dhanraj Pillay and Gagan Ajit Singh don’t look good), and there is no other sport which has a nationwide following. So Ashwin suggests that the number one “sport” in India is (hold your breath) coding, and they should be heavily exploited by advertisers!

So here’s what the Nike ad should look like (the sketch is totally mine, and “inspired” by the latest awesome Nike ad. ).

Horrible traffic jam at the Silk Board junction (we actually show vehicles moving in from differnet directions and interlockign themselves giving rise to the jam)

Nothing is moving. (most of the traffic is big company buses, a few tempo travellers and a few D segment cars which are supposed to be carrying tech CEOs)

A bunch of techies inside a bus gesture to each other.

Music begins to play.

One guy goes on top of the bus and starts gesturing to people in the adjacent bus. And soon people in some ten buses are on the roofs of their buses, complete with laptops.

And the techies start coding. Quick gestures to each other, and they code, code, code.

(in the middle of this coding, one sees huge crowds going towards the buses with coders on top. Narayana Murthy comes out of his car and asks what the fuss is about. Camera moves and shows a wi-fi router hanging from the flyover!)

Soon the techies have taken control of the traffic signals, and start playing with them.

Red green red yellow green go the signals, and the traffic starts to obey it and starts moving again.

Soon it’s time for the buses (with techies on top) to pull away and move in the direction of electronic city.

The last scene shows a Merc with Azim Premji sitting on top twirling his laptop bag over his head (like what Flintoff and Ganguly’ did with their shirts).

“Just do it” flashes on the screen!

I don’t know why no one else could think of such a brilliant idea! ??

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