Having kids early…

I’m amazed at the number of my cousins who have “started production” immediately after their wedding – many of them have become parents within ten months of getting married! Interestingly all these cousins aer the types that I would classify as “conservative”. Wonder why the hurry.

Talking about this to Ashwin. One thought is that these guys are so conservative they wouldn’t’ve interacted with the opposite sex much before getting married. And thus immediately after getting married, hump like nobody’s business, with scant respect for stuff like protection and thus end up as parents quickly.

Another is that they are made to believe that you get married so that you can have kids and “take the khandaan forward”. And just do it!

Or is it parental pressure (many middle aged people want to become grandparents quickly) that makes these people act fast?

Or is it a hope that a kid will provide the necessary glue and prevent their marriage from falling apart (unlikely).

The number of people who have had kids quickly is so huge they can’t all be accidents! There has to be some good reason! Any ideas?

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