One thing an MBA teaches you is to write a good CV. I’m going to IITM to recruit next week and am currently looking at some CVs for the purpose of shortlisting.

Yeah, it’s the first time these blokes are applying for jobs so you can’t really expect too high a standard from them in terms of quality of writing of CV. Also, most of them are undergrads so it’s a very academic CV. One thing i’m surprised with is that a number of CVs look like they want to apply for a PhD, not really for a job.

I’m also really surprised that not one of the computer science people (except for one grad student) has prepared his/her CV in LATex.

Anyways what takes the cake is this one bugger whose CV ends with this line:

Resumes greater than 2 pages would not be considered

I want to shortlist him just to have a look at this guy. I’m surely going to have a fun time next week.


Yesterday I wrote this post after I had had a look at a bunch of Comp Sci resumes. On my way home, I went through the Civil resumes. Much much more impressive, I must say. Both in terms of content and presentation. And interestingly I could relate better to a lot of projects these guys had done as against the CS projects. The CS guys seem to have written their CVs with an intention of becoming another-brick-in-the-wall developers in yet-another-IT-firm. They are much much mroe capable than this i think. Once upon a time, these blokes were among the top hundred of the country based on one shady exam. And now they are throwing it all away… Sad.

Of course, there is this one civil guy who has written an excellent resume. I mean his profile is really strong. And he has put in a “A little bit about myself” section at the end and has tried to fit in a SOP in there. And also, he has googled up the Sabre logo and put it on his CV. Strong. Anyways, some excepts from his SOP

** I chose the stated subjects at the Intermediate level due to my endless interest in Mathematics and Physics. Myproblem-solving skills have been commendable.

** I got Civil Engineering as my Major as per the IIT-JEE all India rank (AIR). I never regretted having got it as adefault.

** My weakness is that I cannot work without deadlines. I need not be shown a pink-slip daily for that matter, but Ineed deadlines to be most efficient.

Yeah I know that I myself have been fairly immature in a number of interviews, especially when asked ‘culture fit’ questions during the IIMB summer recruitment process. But somehow I can’t help but make fun of these guys. I’m really sorry.

Yet another update

I had to put this here. One guy has written that his objective is: To obtain a challenging position in the chosen field, which will test and utilize my skills while providing an opportunity for continued professional growth.

Haven’t seen something more global than that!

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