Two 190s in two days! This is awesome stuff!

But frankly, Pakistan needs to come up with better wickets for test matches. We already had a joke of an India-Pak series early this year (except for the last test of course), and now again you have teams scoring really heavily. Of course except for Taylor, there isn’t much quality in either bowling attack so that also needs to be taken into consideration.

This reminds me of the India-SL series in 97-98 when the Indian board got afraid of Murali and asked all groundstaff to prepare flatbeds. Three long-drawn and boring test matches resulted!

And why the hell isn’t Panesar playing? With Harmison and Anderson and Mahmood and Plunkett all out of form, the least England can offer in support to Hoggard and Freddie is a decent spinner! And Giles is anything but that – he is no more than a bits and pieces guy! And poor freddie is already carrying too much of a burden in terms of batting and bowling – leading to comical captaincy such as asking Bell and Pietersen to bowl. It will make sense for everyone if Strauss is made captain.

With practically all of India cribbing that England has unfairly left out Monty, I’m wondering if the firang media will latch on to this and kinda accuse us of some kind of racism or something… just an arbit thought…

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