Positioning my blog…

It’s a question that has been bugging me for a long time, and I’ve blogged about it before. It is now more than two years since I started this journal and many posts and many hits later, I’m wondering what to do with it.

Thing is i write a variety of stuff on this thing. Right from profound analyses of businesses to why I got depressed last night. From deep insights on relationships (:P) to arbit PJs. I’m wondering if I’m spoiling it all by putting it all into the same pot – like making Bisibelebath. Sometimes I start wondering if I should cook the rice separately, dal separately and vegetables separately and then give the reader the choice to mix them and eat.

The last time I had popped this question, I had been advised to carry on in this bisibelebath format, but tag my journal. I have followed the advice to a T, and now tag all my entries. I classify my entries under “arbit“, “general“, “business“, etc.

A fair arrangement – people can come to my journal and depending upon the tag decide to read the post or not. However, a new problem has cropped. Recently my father figured out that his boss reads my journal! Now my parents want me to keep all “personal” entries out of this journal and instead stick to just “funda posts”. “Don’t waste your writing talents (!!??!??) on such useless stuff”, thundered my mom, “and write about issues only”.

One option would be to make all personal posts friends only, however there is a large number of people who visit my blog for the personal entries and don’t have a LJ id. Another is to start another blog (on blogger or wordpress or something) and move either “funda” or “personal” posts there. However, the “brand” of Pertinent Obeservations has been built on all kinds of entries, so I might lose “marketshare” if I end up splitting it. Another option would be to say write all personal posts on another journal and then provide a link to that from this journal whenever i post on that.

Advise, please!

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