An old friend is getting engaged tonight. And she tells me that she’s met her guy just a week back and hasn’t talked to him for too long. “Met him a couple of times, he seems decent enough so going ahead with it”, she told me yesterday.

Sounds quite scary.

I told this to my mom later yesterday and she was of the opinion that in the end, it doesn’t really matter how well you’ve known your spouse before the wedding. Problems occur independent of that! so it is actually better to have someone set you up with someone so that if things go wrong you have someone to blame!!

On another note, it is a kind of awkward feeling when you see people you’ve known from childhood getting married. You’ve been close to them for ages and now there is going to be someone new in their lives, and your relationship with them is going to change drastically.

In a similar case, i used to be really really close to this cousin of mine. but after she got a boyfriend we suddenly started drifting and i’m not that close to her anymore. and she’s getting married in a couple of months and i think we might drift further.

strangely i haven’t noticed this kind of a feeling with people i’ve gotten to know much later in life, irrespective of how close i am to them!

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