the coffee machine

Our office has one pseud coffee machine on the first floor (which doles out pretty good coffee) and a lousy lipton machine on the second floor (which dishes out horrible “cardamom tea” and pathetic “tomato soup”). Given that i sit on the second, i have to make the long voyage down several times every day to keep my blood flowing (mom says this “arrangement” is a blessing in disguise since climbing up and down stairs will help me reduce).

Now this machine (on the first floor) is made in Italy and hence doesn’t know what a power cut is. So whenever the power goes off, this machine goes off to sleep and takes its own sweet time to come on after the power is back (thankfully we have a generator here so that restarts the coffee machine).

Four times till now I’ve gone down for coffee today and three of the four times, the power has gone off just when I had picked up the paper cup and was about to place it under the machine – leading to inordinate waits on the first floor doing nothing. On the fourth occasion, the machine had shut down for maintenance so the guys asked me to come “after five minutes”.

Don’t know if either the machine or BESCOM (bangalore electric supply company) has anything against me today. Is it because I told my mom (who used to work for BESCOM (then karnataka electricity board)) that she didn’t make enough ragi mudde this morning?

These misadventures when i’ve gone down for coffee have completely thrown me off gear today and I haven’t done ANY work since morning.

I’m pissed.

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