Dear Indian Mainstream Media,
You owe us chess lovers an explanation as to why you haven’t covered the Topalov-Kramnik unification match at all. Save the odd report regarding the toilet controversy, there has been absolutely no mention about the match in the Indian print media, and this behavior is totally unacceptable.

You should visit any of these state or city level age group tournaments to know what the chess scene is like in India. Following Anand’s success at the top millions of parents think their kid too can make it and for him/her to take chess lessons and participate in tournaments even before he/she enters school. Ten years ago when I played in age group tournamnets all matches were timed. Now, I hear that people are being asked to bring their own chessboards. Such is the growth of chess in India.

Did you think Anand’s absence was a convenient excuse? Then why do you give so much footage to ATP and WTA singles, when no Indian is even close to winning a tournament (Sania Mirza is overrated)? So that people can lech at Sharapova and Nadal? Why, then, do you give so much footage to the PGA tour, where Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstram are not even lechable!

Or is it that you yourself weren’t aware of this match? In that case, as media houses, you have absolutely no business to be in your business. And should quickly shut down and let someone competent take over.

We didn’t want much. All we needed were a couple of write-ups leading up to the match (there are enough grandmasters from India who could do this for you), and then when the match started, a game-by-game summary of where it is progressing. Coverage of the entire match wouldn’t have taken mroe than a total of half a page of newsprint!

I hereby request you to tender an apology for your gross negligence of this issue, and promise that such things don’t happen again in the future. Your support is essential for making India a superpower in any sport.


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