I?ve started my first proper client engagement today. Will be here for seven months or so. And we have a policy that we literally sit with a member of a client team, and the guy I was supposed to be with has disappeared, so I?m jobless now!

Unlike my summers, one nice thing here is that breakfast and coffee are brought to the table. We?ve to go out to the canteen for lunch, but the lunch is really good so it?s ok. And unfortunately I?m yet to get net access, so writing this down in my laptop. Will be transferring this to my blog once I get connected.

This is an old economy company, and most of the client team members are in their 40s or 50s. Some interesting stuff during the introductions earlier this morning. The way we introduced ourselves was markedly different. Our team members all introduced ourselves by first name. in fact some even shortened them ? Siddhartha became Sid and Rangarajan became Ranga. And those people simply refused to disclose their first names, introducing themselves as ?Chauhan? or ?Sharma? or whatever!

In fact, I had a look at some documentation regarding the project also. That too referred to our people as ?Ranga?, ?Sid?, etc. while those guys were all identified by their last names!

By the way, people here call me Karthik. Though I?m not sure that?ll last too long since there are two seniors from IIMB here and they know me only as ?wimpy?!

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