Bay were sea none mug nay

Once upon a time, I thought it was bad to swear. Never swore except for some occasions like “I swear on my mother I didn’t nick the ball”. Even in times of absolute necessity, I used to write “f***” or say “cluck”. When friends tried to teach me swear words, I used to quietly listen and digest them, never to use them.

Somehow, IIT changed all that. Perhaps it was the frustration of the not-so-spectacular performance in acads and otherwise. Perhaps it was because I thought I was this pseud “big city boy” as compared all those country Gults and HTs, and swearing was a way to assert this “psuedaapa”. Perhaps I had a Vijaya-High-School-thoroughbred roomie who explained to me the intricacies of Kannada swear words.

Irrespective of the reason, I began to swear big time. Can’t talk for too long without swearing. Refer to most people as “bugger”. Also helps my swearing cause that the most common word used to call out to people in my wing is “whore”. I’ve started swearing so much that I even swear while talking to my parents. Every sentence to my mom begins with a “nimmajji“. And she retaliates in kind.

Then, for a long time I had this funda that I shouldn’t swear in front of girls. Some weird “morals” I attributed this to, but it was true. However, IIM changed all that. When you have women around who don’t think twice before abusing you, you don’t see too much merit in such a policy. For example, during a high-tension basketball match, a woman in my class said something to the effect of “saale teri maa kii” in full public hearing to one of her worthy opponents! I found no reason to continue with this “policy” of mine.

It was all fine but things kinda came to a head yesterday when I was chatting with Shilpa. Didn’t quite agree with her when she said something to me in jest and swore at her. Jai happened. Somehow managed to put some hazzaar excuses and wriggle myself out of the situation, and get on with the conversation. And then later she points out that every second sentence of mine has a swearword in it.

Considering that I’ll be entering the corporate world soon, and hopefully not on a trading floor, guess it makes a lot of sense for me to not swear. Somehow need to cut down usage. Wonder if I’ll be able to do it. If not anything else, I need to be extra careful while talking to Shilpa next time!

PS: as for the title of this blog, read it fast. If you know Kannada, it would make sense.

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