I just woke up. Found the door of my room open. Found that everything on my bed had been pushed to the left half and I’d been sleeping on the right. There’s some goo on the floor. There’s some puke outside the room, but I don’t know if it’s mine. I find my watch on my wrist, and my spectacles neatly folded onto my table. I haven’t used a blanket, just pushed everything aside and slept.

There are no chairs in the room, I remember Khare borrowing both of them for the drinks yesterday. I remember leading me to the girls’ block at past 3 in the night challenging me to knock on ‘s door. I remember coming to the wing and me telling him that we should start prep for placements soon.

I had a dozen shots of Khare’s expensive Pernod. Really good stuff. Contrary to my last week’s dream, I didn’t break the bottle. I remember going to the shop to get pepsi, lay’s and biscuits, don’t remember devouring them.

Anyways, I still feel drunk. And I have a statement of purpose to write by tonight. God save me! And yeah, I’m waiting for to wake up so that I can hear the story!

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