Company names

Due to secrecy concerns and fears that people from IIMA or IIMC might “steal” our companies, we are forbidden from putting company names on BRacket, our internal message board. However, there are many situations where one needs to talk about a certain company. This has led to certain “code names” being

Some codes are fairly mundane, such as “the company which will have its PPT at 6:30 tomorrow” or “B***”. A few people, however, seem to have come up with some more creative stuff.

For example, the other day there was someone offering a “swap” for “The superman killer PPT”. Later, someone else figured out that Superman’s killer was someone else, so this was actually the “batman killer PPT”! Then, somebody else wanted the analyst report for the “family feud company”. Then, there was someone else who wanted to go for the “colonial gas maker” PPT. Somebody else decided not to apply for the “Aussie Fast Bowler/Ex Batsman” company.

Must say people at IIMB are more creative than I thought.


One of the juniors has come up with this masterpiece: company that woofs at potato chips brand!!! Strong stuff…

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