The counterbalance…

The vagaries of the business cycle have been catching up. After the fantastic high of Thursday night and most of yesterday, the low seems to have finally hit me. Hope to get over this quickly.

I have this vague habit of cancelling my posts mid-way. I’d’ve written half a blog-post when I decide it’s simply not worth subjecting my readers to reading this crap so I just chuck it. For example, the post on MA at IIT was written thrice over, because the first two times I thought I wasn’t very communicative.

Thursday was one fantastic day. Went home. Masala Dosa for lunch and dinner. Slept. Talked to parents. Had a nice quick drive back to campus. Was so hyper I couldn’t talk properly. Even when I messaged her and didn’t get a reply, I didn’t go down. Started singing arbitly in the middle of a game of gulli cricket.

Went to this PPT of a top consulting firm yesterday. Amazing presentation. Just one slide. Guess the fact that one of the presenters had read my post on PPT attendance helped. Half an hour of PPT and and a pizza later, we were asked to “informally interact” with company reps.

Was totally out of form then. Screwed up this interaction. Asked a couple of stupid questions, didn’t get the feelers that the guy was in a hurry. Anyways no one will remember my name so that shouldn’t affect my shortlist. Hope to be in better form during the interview.

Of course, this screw-up has been hitting me for the last 12 hours. And that reminds me of the fact that she hasn’t responded to my mails or messages for a long time. Pushes me further down. Feel like totally giving up in life.

I remember all the screw-ups I have ever done in all my interviews. I remember all the times I have said some arbit things to her which have pissed her off. I remember all those occasions when in a moment of agony/ecstasy, I ended up doing arbit things which I would regret later in life.

Life is a sinusoid!

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