Yet another farce

Had two midterms over the last couple of days. Both administered by the same prof. Both multiple choice questions type. And I walked out of both in fifteen minutes.

No, this time the questions were not repeated from any previous papers. At least I don’t think they were – I haven’t seen the previous papers. However, the nature of questions made these exams in to a big farce.

Yesterday you were asked to define stuff. And given four choices which were, at best, rewordings of each other. All the questions were truly “chimps”. I just extended the Linus sequence to multiple choice questions and did the exam.

Today’s was even better. Most questions consisted of some statement with four choices below it, each choice being a probable opinion on the statement. And you had to choose one of the four opinions. God only knows what the prof’s opinions on these things are. How is it an exam when you are supposed to know what the prof thinks of something? It is ridiculous, to say the least.

And then you have these people here who are singing paeans of the prof saying he’s put such a wonderful exam. Wonderful my foot. There are so many better ways of testing students while not forcing them to study. And the prof makes sure the exam turns into a lottery.

I know a couple of IIMB profs who read this journal. I hope something is done about it so that future batches don’t suffer (now I’m making the motherhood statements). First the repeated papers. And now this kind of farce. I can’t believe I’m spending 2 years and 3 lakh for this!

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