Nostalgic trip

Earlier today, I happened to locate back issues of the fourth estate. Started reading it and have since gone on a maajor senti trip. And I couldn’t stop laughing when I wrote that article about Elections 03. Can’t believe I could indulge in that level of slander. However, that was my first ever attempt at writing, so i’m quite senti about that article.

As I ploughed through the fourth estate, I found cue‘s article on Saarang 03 and have become even more senti. Socially that has been my most successful saarang. Though I didn’t make any money in that, I would regard it as my best Saarang so far. Monetarily, however, Saarang 04 was best, when I won two quizzes.

Speaking of Saarang, I’m going next week for Saarang 06. Hope I am able to be more successful than 04 (in terms of performance) and 03 (in terms of socializing).

sniff sniff

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