design issues…

Vista is happening end of next month. As part of the team incharge of finance events, i’ve been asked to conduct a particular game at an all india level which was played at college level last year.

just found out that our mahaanubhaava seniors have made such a bad design that it’s simply not scalable… it’s really pissing off (as a comp sci engineer) when i see really badly designed software which isn’t scalable/portable.

had a similar experience last month with an internal trading game we organized. i was asked to “take over” the game halfway thru. found out that hte s/w was so badly designed that despite extensive programming there was a large degree of manual work left. really pissed me off.

and when i chided the programmers and designers about the bad design, they said, “three of us have spent the entire weekend (around 40 man hours) designing and programming this. how can you say we haven’t done our job properly?” had a little fight after that and i handed control back to them.

another pet peeve – people measuring their performance by the amount of effort (typically measured in man-hours) put in! They refuse to believe that people can be smart (perhaps because they themselves aren’t so) and can do more work in less time than them… (in this context i like the new JEE format, but i’ll reserve that for another post).

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