happy birthday, ganesha!

today’s supposed to be ganesha habba. spent it in college writing an exam. will go home now. and yeah, lemme quickly go out and have a look at the moon. aw, shucks! too many clouds in there. the only ritual i follow as part of this festival is also gone… :((

when i was a kid i used to be damn excited about ganesha habba. decorating the house, etc was all “good fun”. i also liked to pain my mom by threatening to move the idol and stuff. and i used to beg that it is me who hsa to finally dump the ganesha in a bucket.

now as i’ve grown older, i’ve lost the enthu totally. the whole ritual thing seems fraud to me. why should there be a specific day in the year when a specific god has to get importance? ok it may be his birthday, but still…

one thing good about this festival is that you go around visiting people to “see the ganesha in their house”. gives you an opportunity to catch up with a lot of people whom you aren’t in regular touch with. probably that’s the sole reason this festival was invented. our forefathers WERE pretty intelligent, i must say.

and i suddenly remember the “ganesha series” of kannada movies which came out in the early nineties. starring anant nag. good clean “balcony class level” movies. loads of fun. “Ganeshana maduve” (ganesha’s wedding) was the best of the lot, followed by “gowri ganesha”. wonder what happened to such movies nowadays. they make only bullcrappy rowdy-level or “social drama” “gandhi class level” movies.

ah, that digression apart, lemme take this opportunity to with Ganesha a happy birthday once again. and may he banish all the troubles from this world!

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