i’ve been a member of this online community Orkut for about a year now… and have a friend’s list of about 250 now… interesting to see how different people use orkut differently…

i use orkut just to keep in touch. MOST people on my orkut list are friends (either from schools or from IIT or IIM). Scrap them once in a while and check about their health. yeah there are these arbit people in my list too. reason they’re there is that they generally added me and me being the nice guy added them under the “never met” category.

but i’m amazed to see the amount of “blade-putting” that goes on on orkut. just visit some female’s scrapbook (ideally she should’ve put an attractive photo on orkut). you’ll find thousands of messages such as “hi i’m XYZ done #$$@ unemployed in @#@ED i wanna be your friend please scrap me”. something that seems like a standardized message they keep putting on many peoples’ scrapbooks… wonder if anyone actually replies to them…

then there are these people who build “second-level relationships” where they get acquainted with their friends’ friends and make them friends. Warshall’s algorithm comes to mind when i think of this.

then there are these communities where you go and post arbit messages. it’s good fun reading these messages… for example on the “brahmins” community which i’m a member of, there was a thread “Intercaste marriages should be banned because they dilute our divine blood” or some such bullcrap. and there were a thousand people posting “agreers” to it with each reason more ridiculous than the other. LOL.

actually i live in a **whatever, i can’t get the word for it now**, where i interact mostly with well-educated middle and upper middle class urban people. and it’s more than a year since i travelled by second class unreserved. these communities help me get a feel of what “the world” is thinking.

then i know of this “paavam” senior in IIT who is reported to have found a girlfriend through orkut. he seemed to be the kind of guy who would never get married, let alone have an arranged marriage and now orkut seems to have “worked for him”…

can you think of any more “uses” of such online communities??

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