some things i never learn…

today happened to be #3’s birthday. i had “put blade” on her between early 99 and mid 2000 (“live”) and for a year after that by email. Even after it was “all over” (now i think it never began), it rankled for another 2.5 years.

now, when I look back at “incidents” such as these, i feel like laughing. “How naive i must have been then to do this and do that” and stuff… on another train of thought, i feel it was a wholly unnecessary ordeal which simply troubled me too much… on yet another train of thought, i feel it was a good learning experience.

LEARNING!!! what have i learnt? some things, but not all. I still continue to do the same mistakes. At that point of time (towards the end of “blading career no. 3”), a grave mistake i made was to assume that any message i wrote would be read by the intended recipient only. decided i’d always double check before sending any message/mail.

however i don’t seem to have learnt from this mistake. still keep writing arbitly “fearlessly” assuming only the intended recipient reads the stuff… “how naive i am even now to do this and do that”!!!

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