large project groups

the last time i was part of a huge project group was when 17 of us tried to simulate a superscalar processor back in 7th semester in IIT. That being a tech project, it could be easily split up and 6 sub-groups did our respective parts. the final integration took time but still it went pretty well….

i’m now doing this other project here with 16 people in the team. somehow no enthu to work. this being “hardcore management” stuff, it can’t be split up easily. still we’ve made arbitrary cuts and split it up among ourselves. and no one seems to be having the enthu to do a good job. after all, if you do a bad job, half hte class will get screwed, so why worry seems to be the attitude…

done about half an hour of work till now. don’t hope to do more than another half hour of work.

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