last post from JP Morgan

i fetched probably the last round of coffee for my team an hour ago. two skinny lattes and two mochas. i’ll be in office for not more than an hour from now.

it is the end of one of the most interesting chapters of my life. a period of ten weeks where (as i’ve said before) my ‘learning density’ has been maximum. of course there have been those momeents of frustration, such as when i had to check if the ‘middle office’ had done it’s job properly. some moments of elation – climbing the white cliffs at the isle of wight and watching ‘les miseables’ (i still don’t know how to pronounce the name) and our first ever IIMB outing to canterbury. there have been moments of excitement at office – sometimes when the guy next to me has had me calculating stuff for him as he was closing a deal. when i read about some exotic structures. and sometimes it’s been utter boredom – my weeks 6 and 7 where i did nothign but check mail every minute for non-existent new mail.

yeah, i have an offer from JP Morgan. it’s in exotic derivatives trading. it’s going to be a hectic job: 7 am to 8 pm or so of intense action. as i’ve said before, probably the best job an investment bank could offer me.

i have the contract letter in my bag – literally. if i want the job, i need to sign it and send it back within 10 business days. several factors to consider. hopefully i should make an intelligent decision.

yeah, this also happens to be my last post from London. would be leaving for b’lore on sunday morning, via delhi. due to some screwed up planning, etc. it’ll take around 18 hours to hit b’lore.

london has been kinda nice. lousy weather. but some things are good though: the night-life, the public transport, the variety in entertainment, etc. some things have been lousy – the food (except for a few good meals here and there), the weather (again!!), the tiny roads, most shops closing by 7 pm, no free lunch at office, the coffee, etc.

a few closing notes about england…

capital: London
national animal: lion
national game: football? rugby? (surprisingly not too many people here like cricket – strange)
national obsession: the weather
national pastime: making out

guess thatzit for now. the next post will be from IIMB.

once again, cheers mates!

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