last day!!!

today is the last day of my internship at JP Morgan. 10 weeks seem to have just flown by. a few things i have to do today…

– finalize my fraud “project report” (i didn’t do any project here) and get it signed by my manager
– pain the HR people and make sure i have my offer letter in hand by the end of the day
– ask my manager to send a mail to the HR people saying that i haven’t taken any leave. i’ll get paid for those days i’ve NOT taken leave for
– clean out my desk and collect some useful stuff, if any, to take back home
– say goodbye to everyone here. i’ve brought a whole bunch of IIMB business cards for distribution!
– and i’m sure that my team here would like to have their money’s worth and i’ll have to do my today’s quota of choo tiya kaam

so i guess i’ll sign off now. i’ll be online till evening when i leave this place. and given that net connectivity at home is painfully slow, i guess i’ll follow a “no net” oplicy until both my comp and i have shifted to IIMB hostel.

cheers, mates!

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