Structuring is like making bhel puri. You buy the vegetables, peanuts, chutneys and all other ingredients. You don’t bother into their formulation and all. You just put all of it together in proper proportions so that the customer likes the end result. and get paid for that!

Update: Some responses from my investment banker friends.

The guy from Goldman simply agrees.

The guy from Deutsche says

its fooling the customer and making sure you get sued

The girl from Lehman says

no it isnt
its like making cake
you get a tonne of ingredients – get the basic batter
then bake it
then start embellishing
different bits differently
and then cut up slices so that everyone thinks they got the best slice at the bets rate 😉

The guy from Lehman is yet to respond.


The guy from Lehman responded. He says

it’s pretty hard to sell products to be honest..? and customers shop around so they always go for the best bhel puri… wall street is like? row of stalls at shanti kunj.. 😛

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