The Deccan Herald claims to offer full reports of all world cup matches despite the late finish – something like other papers such as the times of India don’t cover. The times usually gives a mid-innings report of the second batting team and leaves it at that.

So this morning’s paper says “West Indies 300. England 289/8 in 48 Overs”. Very interesting. Really don’t know why they had to keep the readers in such suspense on the last day of the world cup super eights! Maybe just to make things interesting. Maybe they wanted more people to watch TV (esp. the SET Max highlights) so they left it there. Maybe the editor wanted to have some fun. Or for all you know, the guy who reported it didn’t know that the match was not over and just put it in there.

Anyways, followign that, i switched on the TV and saw the full highlights on SET Max. One of the best games in the world cup so far. Really happy that Vaughan is back in form.

And I don’t know why, but i find it quite fitting that Lara had to get run out for a low score in his last innings. Quite summed up his brilliant but inconsistent career.

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