Thanks to the press conference I attended yesterday, I seem to have gotten some footage in the papers today. Mostly arbit.

The Hindu has written one huge article on IIMB placements (mostly numbers, straight out of the printed press briefing), and to accompany it, has put my face along with three others! Don’t know what value that picture adds. Probably the public is interested in knowing what the average IIMBian looks like! Or probably there is an aura around all our heads which people are curious to see! Or maybe the photo just adds credence to the story.

Vijaya Karnataka has also apparently done a similar thing (haven’t seen it yet; no link also). Translated the official press briefing into Kannada, embellished it with mine and three other faces, and published it. Interestingly, my parents failed to notice this though they subscribe to this paper! Got wind of this from a friend who lives outside Karnataka and has no access to this paper late in the evening!

The Dhakkan Herald has also written a story on placements. They decided that our faces add no value, but my name sounds local enough to add value! What I’ve been quoted as saying hardly makes sense, and I’m sure I didn’t say anything close to it. God, it’s so easy to get misquoted!

One side-effect of all this is that apparently the phone at home kept ringing this evening. Over the last few days, I had been careful to not give my job too much publicity in family circles. Today everyone saw my photo/name in the papers and decided to enquire. Thankfully, my parents didn’t give out my cellphone number to anyone so I was spared of doing some explanations!

And yeah, I seem to look thinner in profile than in elevation.

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