Yet another movie


I think it is time to tell you a saucerful of secrets. I have been on the run of late but after you defended me at the trial last week, there seem to be signs of life.

Remember a day, at the grand vizier?s garden party at Grantchester Meadows, when I was marooned, and lost for words?
When I was anything but fearless and just
short of suffering from brain damage?
When all I wanted to do was to run like
? And then you were in, riding a
pillow of winds
, to defend me? When you asked me to just have a cigar while you took them on?

The echoes of that see-saw debate still haunt me. It had such a dramatic theme that even though it lasted just four minutes, I could see that the difference between us and them was like apples and oranges. When Corporal Clegg quoted Chapter 24, I felt comfortably numb and I went to meet mother. Though there was nobody home, it was definitely a great day for freedom.

After you
helped me get outside the wall, I
feel as if I?m coming back to life. At
last, I seem to have enough time to breathe. Now, I want to keep talking to you! The show must go on.

Hey you! It would be so nice if you don?t
leave me now
. When you are in, I
know they would be the happiest days of
our lives
. It is true that we are poles
, but I have high hopes that
we can easily fill up each other?s empty

More about it
when we meet in the flesh. Till then,
shine on, you crazy diamond! And
don?t forget to speak to me.

Wish you were here!
Arnold Layne

PS: One of these days, I want to go on an interstellar overdrive and want to
borrow a bike, preferably a new machine. Any color you like. You can take
it back
whenever you want. What
do you want from me
in return? Not money, I

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