two of clubs

IIMB has this stupid system of “clubs”. every non-academic activity that happens on campus is organized by one of the numerous freeriding “clubs” on campus. There are elaborate selection processes (where we put 2 nightouts taking arbit interviews only to select candidates arbitly in the end). And there are maajor intra-club and inter-club politics that take place. And one is not free to do any extra-curricular activity one wants on campus because it would be a part of the “charter” of one of the clubs so you would be “treading on their feet” to do it (it is another matter that the point is simply there in the charter and no one actually does anything about it).

I was passionate about doing a couple of events this year and decided that the best way to do it was to join the club which is supposed to do it. when the club decided to split up its activities among members, i’ve taken full ownership of these things i’m passionate about…

Now, i’m saddled with this arbit work and that arbit work which someone else is incharge of but i “need to be there to help out”. lots of arbit crap. which i’m least interested in. it’s like “buy a dog and get a white elephant free.”

Feeling woresht about it now.

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