Denial – The price you needn’t pay for.

As strange as it may seem, this is very true. Be it physical intimacy or work!

“What makes him come and bug us so much for the data?” That’s because we don’t give him the data. That excites him. That challenges him.

All of us love challenges.

If you were to make a pass at someone and they were to give in immediately, your first thought would be on the lines of either the woman being a nottie or you making a bad move.
And, if she didn’t give in immediately, then the woman’s a hottie and you wouldn’t stop trying till either she gave in and you gave up!
Here again, the enjoyment level is directly proportional to the amount of denial. Denial builds a false price around everything.

Now, if a kid was to ask for a lollypop and he/she was given one immediately, it’s no fun! If the kid were denied the lollypop and then after he/she pushed its luck far enough after crying and rolling all over the floor, then its seems like a major high for the kid.
The child feels like he/she has achieved something. Then there is more incentive to enjoy the lollypop.

How about a more adult situation like bargaining on the streets?
You want a lemon. It costs 3 bucks. You earn a million. Yet, you are not satisfied till you make him sell it to you for 2 bucks. The sense of achievement one might get for saving that a buck is higher than earning a million!!

And guess what, you would absolutely hate it if he agreed to sell it for a buck lesser quite easily. What we really enjoy is being denied, and not saving that 1 buck!!

This is also the underlying principle behind sexual harassment.

9 thoughts on “Denial – The price you needn’t pay for.”

  1. Truly agree with the thoughts about the pleasure in experiencing denial and fighting back. However the point worth considering is what would be the ‘break point’ in such cases where the pleasure obtained is directly proportional to the denial factor post which it would be like Young’s elasticity law where either of the parites would experience abnormal denial/pleasure..

    1. Post break point, abnormal denial/pleasure will not have any impact on pleasure/denial respectively as per Young. It remains constant. But, in this case, if the denial crosses a breakpoint, pleasure becomes nil for both parties.

  2. No offense, but there is a certain wavelength and a way of thinking the readers of this blog (at least me) have come to expect. You might be confusing the readers by mixing posts from two different individuals.

    1. When I was reading this post in my reader, after reading the first couple of lines, I had to check to make sure I am reading the right blog. Luckily, the reader shows ‘posted by’ below the title. If you read the post on the blog site using the post’s permalink, it doesn’t even show that information.

      1. But rather it is a cool mix indeed..considering the seriousness of skimpy’s posts and the not so serious posts from pinky would make it a healthy mix!

  3. ” The sense of achievement one might get for saving that a buck is higher than earning a million!!”

    I disagree. If one is made to choose (xor) from saving a buck or making a million, I am sure he/she will go for the million, and completely disregard all the lemons 🙂

    I agree with “All of us love challenges”, but its the nature of challenge that appeals to people. Some of us might like solving puzzles and math problems which is considered boring by quite a few. Others might like the chase in the dating game or getting the lollypop. In my attempts at mentoring, I have seen people excited by a variety of goals, only few of which are attainable by them. Asking someone to solve a definite integral (with no calculus background) may be futile unless I can show them how it can solve a bigger problem they are attacking (say image processing).
    A little more depth to this post will make the concepts discussed clear.

      1. i like your posts pinky. skimpy’s not so much.

        Teasing the potential customer (be it physical intimacy or work) can add value (manufactured) to the goods and services offered. My claim was the teasing script should be altered to suit the individual, else they wouldn’t take the bait. Or, they would take the bait and give up before the deal can be sealed.

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