The Theory of Consistent Fuckability and Ladders for Men

Ok so the popular Ladder Theory states that men have only one ladder. It states that all men want to sleep with all women, and they simply rank every woman on the scale of how badly they want to sleep with her or whatever. Women, on the other hand, have two ladders – the “good” ladder, and the “friends” ladder, which allows them to get close to men without harbouring any romantic/sexual thoughts. Since men are incapable of exhibiting such behaviour, you get the concept of Gay Best Friend.

However, this absence of dual ladders for men exists only if you look at the short term. If you are a man and you are looking for a long-term relationship with genetic propagation as a part of your plans, I argue that the female twin ladders can be suitably modified in order to separate out “friends” from potential “bladees”. In order to aid this, I present the Theory of Consistent Fuckability.

From the ladder theory, we know that every man wants to sleep with every woman. For a fruitful, long-term, gene-propagating relationship, however, this is just a necessary but not sufficient condition. As I had argued in another post, given that divorce is usually messy, the biggest cost in getting married to someone is the opportunity cost of getting into long-term relationships with the rest of the population. And if you are involved in gene-propagation, it is ideal if neither of the propagators cheats on the partner – from the point of view of the child’s upbringging and all such jazz.

So if you are a man and you want to marry someone, you must be reasonably sure that you want to sleep with her on a consistent basis. You should be willing to do her every day. If not, there is a good chance that you might want to cheat on her at a later date, which is not ideal from your genes’ point of view.

A small digresssion here. You might ask what might happen to “ugly” women (basically women considered unattractive by a large section of men). However, the argument is that the market helps you find your niche. For example, if you want to cheat on a woman, there must be other women who are superior (on your scale) to this woman who want you to do them. Assuming that I am extremely unattractive and the fact that not too many “attractive” women will want to do me, I should be able to set my “consistent fuckability standard” appropriately.

Returning to the point, when you are evaluating a woman for MARRIAGE (note it doens’t apply to shorter term non-gene-propagating relationships), you will need to decide if you will want to have sex with her on a consistent basis. And based on the answer to this question, you can define the universe of all women into two – those that you want to do consistently and those that don’t. And they form your two ladders.

Now, reasonably independent (maybe there’s a positive low correlation on one of the ladders) of this consistent fuckability factor, you can evaluate the women on other factors such as emotional compatibility, strengths, weaknesses, culture fit and all that jazz. And rank them on those. And then use this distinction on the consistency factor and you will have your two ladders. So you have the “friends” ladder – which is differnet from the friends’ ladders of women in the sense that you want to sleep with them but not on a consistent basis. And there is the “good” ladder of those who you want to do consistently.

To summarize, consistent fuckability is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a fruitful, multiplicative, gene-propagating long-term relationship; and because of this, under certain circumstances, men also develop a pair of ladders.

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8 thoughts on “The Theory of Consistent Fuckability and Ladders for Men”

  1. I think you’ve misunderstood the Ladder Theory again. Separating a friend ladder for males is pointless because they are essentially the ones low on the single male ladder. The basic idea of LT is that women distinguish friends and partners whereas men dont.

    1. look i said this is an extension of the theory to be applied only in the marriage case. so the contention is that men distinguish between potential wives and casual partners.

  2. “And if you are involved in gene-propagation, it is ideal if neither of the propagators cheats on the partner”.

    Not really. As far as men are concerned, ideal situation is we have a harem of enough number of women bearing children for us (as many as we can support) *and* in addition, occasional one-night stands with other women. If those one-night stands result in children and someone else ends up supporting those kids (cuckolding), well and good. Otherwise, well, no loss anyway.

    1. no. i don’t think kid will be brought up properly in the presence of only one parent. though from htat parent’s point of view, runnning away is optimal (as is seen in several animals)

      1. Who said anything about being brought up by a single parent? 🙂 cuckold : A cuckold is a married man with an adulterous wife. Due to the word’s original meaning, a man who is unwittingly raising another man’s child,

  3. “So if you are a man and you want to marry someone, you must be reasonably sure that you want to sleep with her on a consistent basis.”

    How will the man find out this without actually doing each of the women on his list?? He may *think* he wants to sleep with a woman consistently, but reality may turn out to be different! Implies that every woman may need to start as a “shorter term non-gene-propagating relationship”. So basically only 1 ladder for women – all women can be placed on the rungs – either up that ladder or down below 😉

    1. yeah; every woman starts off on a “shorter term non gene propagating relationship” – which explains the conventional single ladder that men have.

      but later, when they get ready for marriage, men will develop that extra ladder

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