A real real bitchy post – the periodic petromax

A while back (maybe around the time when I moved to this blog from LJ), I made a decision that I will reform my blogging. No personal rants. No bitching. No slander. I’ve managed to get by quite well without the personal rants. I take out my frustrations elsewhere, and my readers are happy that they don’t have to read the rants. However, I’m not sure that’s the case with the other rules I made for myself. Despite the “no slander” rule, I keep getting abused once in a while, by friends and acquantances, that I’m being mean to them. Or that I’m saying something inappropriate. And on the other hand, NED regulars are pissed with me that I don’t bitch any more.

So to set right this anomaly that I inflicted on myself and on my blog, here is a really bitchy post. Basically it started off in a bracket conversation with Baada. It was one of those good old bitching sessions. And as part of it, I wrote a story. A true story (truth verified on basis of second hand and third hand information). And once I’d written it, I thought I was wasting it if Baada would be the only guy that would  read it.

I approached Aadisht, who writes similar stuff in his WFiles and gets away with it. He said K, and asked me to publish it myself with names changed. I don’t like to invent names, but I don’t mind inventing nicknames. However, as I’ve said before, this story is true (based on third-hand sources; and this is not a research paper that I have to put references). It is about a certain person, the googling of whose name throws up my blog in the first page of results. And yes, this is extremely bitchy. And any of you think I’m being wrong for writing this, and want to shout at me, you are welcome to do so. You’ll get the “pepsodent treatment” ( “pepsodent treatment” is based on one pepsodent ad; i assume there is a protective ring protecting me and you can go on shouting as much as they want. ). Anyways, I’ve almost copied verbatim what I had written to Baada. There is a character called the “periodic petromax” in this story. it is self-explanatory. I’ll be referring to him as PP throughout this post:

the story I heard about her is:

campus -> PP
then she ditched him as soon as she started working at BigFrenchBank
and she started sleeping with her boss (married guy) at BigFrenchBank
parents came to know and got pained. asked her brother-in-law who is in BigAmericanBank to get a job for her there
so she moved to BigAmericanBank, and obviously stopped sleeping with her old boss
and again she started putsing wiht PP
but old habits die hard
so she started sleeping with her new boss
and of course she ditched PP
this time the boss wasn’t already married. so her parents figured the most elegant solution would be to get her married to this guy.
but i won’t be surprised if she gets divorced soon and again start going around with PP

Ok now it seems like a letdown. This doesn’t look as strong as it did when I first wrote it. Anyways i’ve spent considerable amount of office time writing this, so I’ll let it stay.

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