Conflicting signals

Yesterday, my gym installed a TV set in front of each treadmill. Nice looking LG flatscreen TVs. One in front of each treadmill. Each treadmill now has a remote control which is supposed to control the TV in front of it. Now, the thing is all TVs are of the same brand, and space constraints mean that the treadmills (and consequently the TVs) are very close to each other.

Which means that each remote not only controls your own TV, but your neighbors’ TVs also! Much hilarity happens due to this. Say your neighbour will want to go ahead by two channels. Your TV will end up going forward too by the same amount. And you could face the prospect of say watching Aastha while working out on the treadmill.

Something like that happened yesterday and I decided to switch off my TV – it was too distracting. And off went both my neighbours’ TVs! I’m sure this concept of TVs in front of treadmills is going to improve the fun factor at the gym, and also make sure people in adjacent treadmills start talking to each other, etc.

All this aside, another issue is that it’s a 20 inch TV three feet in front of you. It’s like watching a movie from Gandhi Class.

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