Death are there

Today it’s the turn of a bandicoot to die in my garden. It’s fairly huge – almost a foot long, and about five inches in diameter. And extremely furry. And smelly.

The immediate problem at hand is to get the thing thrown out – we don’t want crows devouring it inside our garden and spewing bits of meat all over the place. The maid refused to move the body. The garbage guy didn’t turn up today. And my mother calls me up to tell me that flies have already put attack.

In the worst case, the thing has to be done late this evening – after I return. Hopefully there is a pair of disposable gloves lying around.

And just to clarify, despite my expertise in rat kill, I didn’t kill this thing. Just found it lying somewhere in the garden this morning.


My mother just called me up. The garbage guy eventually arrived. And for a small matter of ten rupees, he picked up the body and took it away, along with the rest of the garbage.

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