this is unacceptable

first it was Dhoni. And then Yuvraj. And now Deepika Padukone is being linked to Ranbir Kapoor. And why do I have a problem with this? Because all of them are North Indian guys, with two of them being Punjabi. How can we allow beautiful Kannadiga women to go off with North Indian guys like this? And this is not hte first one. Remember Aishwarya Rai (ok – Tulus, Konkanis and Kodavas are also “kannada types”)? Who did she run off with? Abhishek Bacchan. Half-UP half-bong. And then what about our own


We know that states like Punjab have a problem because they don’t have enough girls. However, encroaching upon Kannadigas’ space is not going to be the solution for it. They need to take care of it out of their internal resources.

This, in my opinion, is a much more serious problem than Biharis joining south western railways. Heck, it’s a bigger problem than all these HTs and TDCs joining software companies in Bangalore and ruining the city. Something needs to be done urgently. And this exodus stopped.

Where is the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike when you need them most?

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  1. i will say its a pretty racist thought of urs ….. India is a one country no northy and no southy … still if u feel like this , try to find a nice north indian girl and be happy 🙂

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